Newhall School District
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Ten Award Winning Elementary Schools Serving the Communities of 
Newhall, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Westridge
From 2003 to 2014 every school in NSD was recognized by the State of California as a California Distinguished School

Collaborate, Innovate, Persevere, Excel

Newhall School District Board and Management Team's Core Values.

  • Fiscal Responsibility: We must maintain a balanced budget and be realistic about the dynamics of state and federal government that affect our budget and our own local conditions. We must maintain a prudent reserve across a three-year time span.

  • Program Integrity: We have excellent programs of all kinds – from our well-rounded instructional efforts, to staffing for effectiveness, to facilities construction and maintenance. We must do everything we can to preserve and expand them. This is what it takes to be comprehensive and excellent.

  • A Quality and Safe Learning and Working Environment: We pride ourselves on providing an environment that maximizes optimal learning, enrichment, health and security based on high standards. Staff and children deserve this.

  • Curricular and Instructional Continuity: We believe that every effort must be made to deliver a seamless, well-paced, and effective standards-based curriculum.

  • Fair and Equitable Compensation for All Employees: Within the context of all other core values, we must strive to provide compensation to the best of our ability, reflecting the high value we place on all our employees and recognizing they are the heart of the children's educational experience. We will use other districts’ compensation to gauge our own. In this regard, we consider the “total compensation” package.

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